Nail NurseTM Tips
Here are some tips to ensure the best use of your Nail NurseTM  product:

QUICK DRY METHOD-- Place a generous amount of Nail NurseTM  across the
nail bed area including the cuticle region. Wait 1- 2 minutes and then massage
Nail Nurse
TM  into the entire nail area.
Wipe off any excess.

UNDERSIDE-- For extra care, be sure to cover entire nail region including
the underside of the nail.

SHAKE WELL-- To ensure that all protein is blended entirely through, please
shake well.

TWO WEEK USE-- To receive the most benefit, use Nail NurseTM  for at least
two weeks initially.

PUSH BACK CUTICLES-- If cuticles are overgrown and you need to push
them back, "wet" cuticles with Nail Nurse
TM. Wait 1 minute and allow the
cuticles to absorb the product. Gently push back cuticles. Reapply.

NAIL ACCENTS-- In addition to bare nails, Nail NurseTM  can be applied onto
and under nail polish, acrylics and other nail enhancements.
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